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3d characters, trendy, colorful

20 years promo


In celebration of WWF Sassi's 20th birthday, we put our heart and soul into creating something truly special. And voila!

We proudly introduce Ulwandle, a character that's bound to steal your heart.

It's not often that studios are given so much freedom with a project, but thanks to our great relationship with WWF and Sassi, we were really allowed to dive headfirst into the project.

With the subject matter of the piece being quite serious, we aimed to create a character narrative that was both quirky and informative so that it could be easily readable to all ages. This is where Ulwandle comes in, which, by the way, translates into 'Ocean' in Xhosa.

3d model of bag with extreme attention to detail
3d model of the character Ulwandle
3d model of the character, Ulwandle's father
3d model of the character, scientist
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